Komplexné riešenia ozvučenia a MIDI systémov do heligóniek a akordeónov.

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MPR 4 – Midisystem


Touch DisplayTouch Controller – 11 free programmable touch-pads50 (without) to 2400 (with Display) memory locationsPC EditorUSB Connection for simple sound setupNEW Bellow DynamicMP3 PlayerMIDI Files PlayerStyle Arranger (from OS version 1.1)32 MIDI channels- 16 sounds for Live Play – 16 for Midi FilesPlayback and Live can be adjusted accordingly16 sounds for live-play/sound SETS

Harmonica with MPR4 System

MC11 Controller with touch-pads

Touch-Display with
SD memory card

What are the Sound SETS?

With MPR4 you could theoretically play 16 sounds by pressing  one button. Of course, this is not a practical application. Rather, this is meant to prepare for a sound change and then simply trigger it with a push of a button, but let us  explain it with an example:


3 parts of an Oberkrainer piece::

1. Trumpet and clarinet on the treble side,- the clarinet playing upper and the trumpet lower voice.
Chord Guitar „Stereo“ and accordion chord on the chord keys.
Baritone + E-bass + guitar + accordion bass on the bass buttons.
Up to now, there are 9 sounds needed for a perfect reproduction of the piece!

2. Next – simply switch to SET2 by touching pad 2 on MC11 controller (second part of the piece) and play it appropriately to the piece:
Accordion (polyphonic) in the treble-the clarinet now plays the lower second voice.
Up to now – here are 11 sounds.

3. Switch to SET3 by touching pad3 on the MC11 controller:
Baritone solo on the treble in the lower part of the treble keyboard.
Trumpet and clarinet plays in the upper part of the treble keyboard.
Total = 14 Sounds.

If you re-call PATCH the Oberkrainer setting (factory default), – this is already prepared and ready. 
It is how music can be played.

With our system you don`t need to turn ON and OFF all the instruments while playing.

Just choose e.g. „Oberkrainer“ pre-set and SETS are ready to play, therefore  you have to only switch between those 3 SETS for perfect play. Our system  is very flexible and all those sound settings can be adjusted and created using  easy to use PC software, so even Glenn Miller compositions are no problem to realize.



Microphone System

The high quality LIMEX instrument microphone system has been specifically developed for accordions and harmonicas

It is excellent for use on stage due to its feedback resistance. The sound is captured by several microphone caps on the treble and bass side inside your instrument.
This achieves a uniform homogeneous sound over the entire keyboard range.
Treble side is captured in stereo and bass side in mono.
Due to the flexibility of each microphone, the system can be adapted to the specific sound radiation of your instrument.

Our Limex Microphone system is, as we know, the only build in microphone system with an equalizer unit. With that unit you are able to separately control frequency High, Middle, Low for all 3 sections (Vocal, Treble, Bass).

MC4 controller

Set over one of three rotary knobsVOLUMEREVECHOfor your Limex microphone system.

Vocal Microphone

The microsystem provides additional connection for an attachable vocal microphone or a headset microphone.

Digital effects while using a wireless system – unique!

Unrivalled is also possible to use two high-quality digital effects. Thus, you can control the vocal effect to the instrument and with the controller MC4 turn it on or off.
Only with this feature a professional wireless application is possible. For example shouldn’t be the title announcement without reverb? With our system that is possible. Just press a button and reverb is off.

Vocal Gooseneck Microphone

The LIMEX microphone system offers the possibility for a gooseneck or headset vocal microphone to be attached to our MC4 controller.
The vocal microphone can then be adapted with its own 3-band EQ on the voice. Also the optional dual Effect processor (reverb and echo at the same time) can be adjusted separately. As a result of all these connected and tuned features a professional wireless application is possible.

Vocal gooseneck
Headset microphone*

Harmonica with gooseneck vocal




Headphones Interface

The headphones interface (FKH-IF) from Limex is a small and versatile box which can be mounted directly onto your instrument or is detachable mounted on the base righten. As power supply a LiPo battery (8000 mAh) is used. This LiPo is connected to the headphones interface via a small USB cable which is plugged into the micro USB port from the headphones interface. At the top side the headphones interface has a 6,3 mm headphone jack and two indication LED. One lights up green after power is switched on. If Midi signals are receives the green LED is flashing. The second LED is used for the optional wireless functionality. This button will then switch on the wireless system which is indicated by a blue led.

Headphones interface is used for:

Powering the Midi Electronic inside your instrument 
(midi system or microphone system)
Headphones operationWireless operation


Wireless operation (optional):
There are two options to play wireless with an headphones interface. First is to directly assemble a Limex Wireless System into the headphones interface or you can use a Limex-bug plugged into the headphone jack. The headphone jack has a built in automatic which detects if a wireless system (mono) or a headphone (stereo) is plugged in and switches the output accordingly. Also the output level is set automatically to fit the attached device

Please be aware that, if you are using a bag transmitter with our headphone interface, the used transmitter has no power at the headphone jack.



Headphones Interface use


Technical specifications

Audio outputstereo, mono
Power supplysender + 5 V DC USB
Temperature range10 to 40°C
Humiditymax. 80%, not condensing




12-inch Limex speaker

The 12 inch active speaker system AS-120/ASA-120 from Limex was built with newest technology. These 12 inch active speakers were designed for professional use. Through the many connections and adjustments (for microphone, line, guitar, …) these speaker are perfectly fine with every situation. These speaker have also a Speakon socket where you can attach our PS-120 passive speaker for the creation of a Stereo setup.
Optional there is the possibility to attach a Bluetooth adapter which enables you to play playback wirelessly via your smartphone or any other Bluetooth player.

Variations:PS 120 passive speakerAS 120 akktive speakerASA 120 active speaker with rechargeable battery

Limex | 12 Zoll LautsprecherLimex | 12 Zoll LautsprecherLimex | 12 Zoll Lautsprecher


Technical specifications

Passive speaker PS-1202 way passive speaker 130 Watt
Weight: 15 kg
Included accessoire: speakon cable 5 m
Optional accesoires: gigbag, tripod, gigbag for tripod
Active speaker AS-1202 way active speaker 2 x 130 Watt
5 channel mixer, digital FX and 3 band master EQ
LIMEX instrument IN, speakon-OUT,
DC-OUT 12 V 400 mA
Weight: 17 kg
Included accessoire: power cord
Optional accesoires: gigbag, tripod, gigbag for tripod, bluetooth module, Limex-soundboard
Battery powered speaker ASA-1202 way active speaker 2 x 100 Watt
5 channel mixer, digital FX and 3 band master EQ
LIMEX instrument IN, speakon-OUT, 
DC-OUT 12 V 400 mA
Weight: 21 kg
Included accessoire: power cord
Optional accesoires: gigbag, tripod, gigbag for tripod, bluetooth module, Limex-soundboard, battery pack


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